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Sensor Installation


A motion sensor (or motion detector) is the linchpin of your security system, because it's the main device that detects when someone is in your home when they shouldn't be. A motion sensor uses one or multiple technologies to detect movement in an area.

Sensor Repair


Although every home is unique, each one should be equipped with a custom home security system that has the right kind of sensors.At Security Alarm, members of our sales team take the time to carefully design a system that matches the needs of the home itself while also meeting the wants of the owner.

  • glass break detectors
  • window and door sensors
  • smoke detectors
  • heat detectors
  • environmental pollution detectors
  • Biometric Sensore

Sensor Maintenance


Security system repair is often simple. By keeping your security system or burglar alarm in top operating condition you’ll not only sleep better, your neighbors will too. This Fix-It Guide tells how a security system works, what often goes wrong, how to identify a security system problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix your system

  • doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors
  • Detective Internal Controls. Detective internal controls
  • It then gives instructions on how to test a security system wired sensor
  • This Fix-It Guide tells how a security system works
  • Pressure Sensor.
  • Smoke, Gas and Alcohol Sensor.


If you can’t arm the system, make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked. Check for tripped sensors and replace any that are faulty.

  • Monitored System
  • Unmonitored System.
  • Wireless Alarm Systems.
  • Electric Current Home Alarm.
  • Microwave Detectors.
  • Glass Break Detectors.

Security saving tips

  • Make sure all windows are fitted with key-operated window locks.
  • Check that all windows and doors are locked before going to bed.
  • Never leave keys in window or door locks..
  • Hide expensive equipment, such as mobile phones and laptops, from view. .
  • Keep your valuables in a safe place and out of sight.
  • Set a timer to switch your lights on and off at varying intervals when you're out to make it look like someone is at home.