Installation, Expansion & Upgrade

"Install , Expand & Upgrade Whatever You Want "

Installation, Expansion & Upgrade

Before we dive into the technicalities of how to install a security system, we need to first discuss preparation. Planning isn’t just about making the installation easier, but to ensure that your security system fits your property’s security needs. Many people make the mistake of beginning their planning after they have already purchased a security system. Instead, start with a security checklist and an assessment of your current security status.

New System Installation

Most wired security camera systems include the necessary cabling. However, the length of cabling needed can impact what type of security system you install. For standard DVR systems, you’ll need coaxial cables which can result in degraded image quality after about 300ft/90m. NVR systems require Ethernet cables such as cat5e and cat6. Ethernet cables have more flexibility as network switches can be used to extend the cable length without impacting image quality.

Expansion & Upgrade

All analog video cameras use a standard analog NTSC video which was created in the fifties - the limit on image resolution is absolute and cannot be avoided. On the other hand, IP cameras are available in a wide range of resolutions (in megapixels, or MP) that can be selected according to their specific needs. For example, a 1.3 MP IP camera is almost four times the resolution of analog cameras. With higher resolution added, the faces become clearer, the plates are easier to read, and larger areas can be covered with one camera.

Security saving tips

  • Make sure all windows are fitted with key-operated window locks.
  • Check that all windows and doors are locked before going to bed.
  • Never leave keys in window or door locks..
  • Hide expensive equipment, such as mobile phones and laptops, from view. .
  • Keep your valuables in a safe place and out of sight.
  • Set a timer to switch your lights on and off at varying intervals when you're out to make it look like someone is at home.