Solar Electric System

"Go For Green Energy"


What is Solar Electric System?

Solar system is the process which converts energy from sunrays into electricity, with the use of photovoltaic’s (PV).
It is the process of electricity generation with the help of sunlight and solar panel. In the solar panel there is photovoltaic cell which consist semi conductor, and when sunlight comes in contact with the semi conductor ,it releases electrons and create direct current energy.

Domestic Purpose

Solar Electric system is used for many aspects which is commercial purpose, domestic purpose, food industry and etc.

In our Day to day life we are using electricity and we have to pay lot of bills for it so there is another option to create electricity which is solar electricity.

We use hot water and this system is used for producing heat for hot water.

Domestic & Commercial Purpose?

It is also used for cooking purpose in food industry, a solar cooker is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize drink and other food materials.

For Commercial purpose it is useful, in the commercial buildings solar system produces energy for lights, Air-conditioning and other usage.

Security saving tips

  • Make sure all windows are fitted with key-operated window locks.
  • Check that all windows and doors are locked before going to bed.
  • Never leave keys in window or door locks..
  • Hide expensive equipment, such as mobile phones and laptops, from view. .
  • Keep your valuables in a safe place and out of sight.
  • Set a timer to switch your lights on and off at varying intervals when you're out to make it look like someone is at home.